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ICRACInhibition of Calcium Release-Activated Calcium Current
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It is the latter prospects that have raised the specter of uncontrolled and morally unaccountable "killer robots" run amok, and led ethicists like Wendell Wallach (Yale University) to propose having such systems declared "mala in se," (12) while roboticists like Noel Sharkey and his colleagues in ICRAC to demand that the very development, let alone deployment of lethally armed autonomous systems be outlawed altogether.
[Comment: This Precept is indebted to the work of philosopher Robert Asaro of the New School (New York), co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC).
(25.) In addition to proposals to outlaw armed or autonomous military robotic systems by ICRAC itself.
ICRAC legal expert Dave Akerson said: "Law follows technology.
ICRAC wants an international treaty against machines of lethal autonomy along the lines of the ones banning land mines and cluster bombs.