ICRGInternational Country Risk Guide
ICRGInternational Cooperation Review Group (Financial Action Task Force)
ICRGImpact Cratering Research Group (astronomy)
ICRGIndustrial Control Research Group (Kingston University; UK)
ICRGIntelligent Computing Research Group (Australia)
ICRGIslamic Culture Research Group (Chiba University; Japan)
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Because there can be a problem of Endogenity" in the model as one of the Regressors (per capita income) is also component of ICRG index for this purpose the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimators will be used in the analysis.
Institutional variables are obtained from International Country Risk Data Guide (ICRG).
The strength of the bureaucracy is measured by the Bureaucracy Quality rating, a component of the Political Risk measure constructed by the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG).
The CPI and the CCI are based on a number of separate surveys of businesses' perceptions of corruption, while the ICRG index is a ranking of countries on the basis of expert opinion about prevailing corruption.
Country Risk Guide, ICRG), or country competitiveness (eg The World
These ICRG data have been previously used by Knack and Keefer (1995) and others in explaining cross-country differences in economic performance.
It expressed concern over Pakistani authorities' inability to demonstrate why they considered eight proscribed entities to be low risk as opposed to the high-risk view of the Asia Pacific Group (APG) and ICRG.
The ICRG, in its recent meeting with Pakistan, was not satisfied with progress on milestones that had been set out for the country for January 2019.
Botswana has accepted the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) action plan and is committed to implementing it, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Kenneth Matambo has said.
Grey List) for the ICRG monitoring for its failure to complete the action plan items due in January and May 2019," External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said today.
The global body took the decision on the basis of a monitoring report of the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG), over which India has tremendous influence.
Moreover, the ICRG of the APG had identified four key areas of concerns, including deficiencies in the supervision of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing regimes, cross-border illicit movement of currency by terrorist groups, progress on terrorism financing investigation and prosecution and implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions 1267 and 1373, for curbing terror financing.