ICRIInternational Concrete Repair Institute
ICRIInternational Coral Reef Initiative
ICRIInstitute of Clinical Research (India)
ICRIInterdisciplinair Centrum Voor Recht En Informatica (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium)
ICRIIndustrial Chemistry Research Institute
ICRIIron Casting Research Institute (Columbus, Ohio; formerly Gray Iron Research Institute)
ICRIInterdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (Information & Communication Technology)(Belgium)
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ICRI is an informal partnership cooperation between countries and international organizations to safeguard the conservation of coral reefs and related ecosystems.
Most of these experiments have been carried out in laboratory settings rather than on coral reefs, but they also were typically conducted for a very short period of time, the ICRI report notes.
Referring to the literature [25] that uses the probability and impact as two independent variables to construct two-dimensional rectangular coordinate system for analyzing the opportunity and threat, the Integrated Conflict Risk Index (ICRI) can be obtained by the form of Euclidean distance formula similarly.
Inside this program, ICRI offers a two-tier certification process.
A review of the CtRC's Concluding Observations to state periodic reports issued over the period between January 2009 and June 2014 uncovers a generally consistent approach of the CtRC with respect to ICRIs. The CtRC always took the position that a domestic ICRI is required, but was not insistent that a separate thematic institution for children be used, even in cases where the CRC party is an industrialized, well-resourced state, as long as the CRC party had established a general NHRI (e.g., human rights commission or human rights ombudsman) with an explicit and meaningful children's rights focus.
Provider of computing solutions Intel Corporation (Nasdaq:INTC) announced on Thursday that it will invest over USD40m over the next five years in a worldwide network of university research communities called the Intel Collaborative Research Institutes (ICRI).
Head of ICRI operations for the Middle East, Beatrice Megevand-Roggo, told The Associated Press on Feb 21 that the ICRC had almost no contacts with opposition figures inside Syria.
Accenture and ICRI enter into a strategic partnership http://tinyurl.com/2fayypx 5:43 AM Sep 1st, 2010 via API
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) is an operational unit of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) charged with coordinating research and monitoring of coral reefs.
It is also unfair to those institutions most active within this area today, for instance Professors Jos Dumortier and Marie--Francine Moens at ICRI, Leuwen or the Norma project at the University of Bologna.
Research to establish whether both were the same species included: an examination of type material in ICRI, relevant phasmid literature, collecting of specimens in various localities in Hong Kong and surrounding parts of China, search for nontype material in collections, as well as rearing specimens and comparing them with related taxa.