ICRISIntegrated Companies Registry Information System (Hong Kong)
ICRISInternational Consultation on Research and Information Systems in Forestry (Austria; Indonesia)
ICRISIntegrated Customer Record Information System
ICRISInternational Civil Rights Investigations and Settlements Project (equal employment services)
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categories of ICRIs are considered to be children's rights
hundred ICRIs at national and sub-national levels of government in over
UNICEF's indicative list of ICRIs can be broken down.
number of ICRIs are NHRIs that include a children's rights focus
classified as ICRIs, although their broad-based mandates will usually
classified as ICRIs. For example, in Spain's autonomous community
In indicating that the Protocol will reinforce and complement domestic children's rights remedial mechanisms, the Preamble recalls "the important role that national human rights institutions and other relevant specialized institutions, mandated to promote and protect the rights of the child, can play in this regard." (136) However, there is no limitation on the types of third parties that can submit communications on behalf of the child victim, (137) so that presumably all types of ICRIs can make these submissions to protect children's rights as long as the Protocol's other admissibility criteria are satisfied and the institution's legal framework permits this activity.
A review of the CtRC's Concluding Observations to state periodic reports issued over the period between January 2009 and June 2014 uncovers a generally consistent approach of the CtRC with respect to ICRIs. The CtRC always took the position that a domestic ICRI is required, but was not insistent that a separate thematic institution for children be used, even in cases where the CRC party is an industrialized, well-resourced state, as long as the CRC party had established a general NHRI (e.g., human rights commission or human rights ombudsman) with an explicit and meaningful children's rights focus.
Thematic children's rights institutions at all levels of governance, NHRIs with a legislated children's rights responsibilities or sufficiently precise operating practices (child rights department/unit and/or deputy tasked with children's rights oversight) and equivalent sub-national human rights institutions are broadly defined as ICRIs in current parlance.
CRC states will make their decisions on the configuration of their ICRIs based on their unique environments and the forces in play domestically and internationally.
A review of the Concluding Observations of the CtRC over the 2009 to mid-2014 period demonstrates that the CtRC does not use the availability of resources as a factor in its recommendations on organizational choice for ICRIs. Rather, the CtRC's main concern is that the CRC party has some form of national level ICRI in place with a child's rights focus.
Some ICRIs do not have an express mandate to implement or use the CRC, although they may use it in practice, such as many Canadian provincial/territorial child and youth representatives/advocates.