ICROInternational Cell Research Organization (UNESCO; Paris, France)
ICROIslamic Culture and Relations Organization (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance; Iran)
ICROIrish Cave Rescue Organisation (Ireland)
ICROInterallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (est. 1948)
ICROInternational Congress on the Recorder Orchestra
ICROInternational Clinical Research Organisation (Novartis International)
ICROIntelligent Church Resources Online
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The book titled "Japanology in Iran" has been published by ICRO and co-authored by the prominent expert of Japanese studies Mohammad Naqizadeh and Qodratollah Zakeri.
Qahreman Soleimani, the deputy director of ICRO, said a book council has been established to select and review books to promote to foreign publishers.
Afognak JV, ICRO Inc., Sonneville International Corp., The Permanent Way Corp., XMCO Inc., Buskin River Inn Partnership, Koniag Services Inc., Washington Management Group, Claws Technologies LLC.
Modern commentators of Sceve's D418 -- notably McFarlane and Joukovsky -- refer with great conviction to Petrarch and the Petrarchan tradition; and they justifiably stress the section of the M icro cosine that the poet dedicates to architecture (section 3, lines 2725 sq.).
(These figures do not exactly match the coefficient estimates reported in Table 3 because the percentage value interpretations for estimated coefficients on the binary variables in the log-linear salary model are computed as 100[exp([beta]) - 1], following Halvorsen and Palmquist [1980].) Finally, although the estimated coefficients on the binary field of specialization variables are not reported in the table, only the coefficients on industrial organization, development, and agricultural/natural resource economics were significantly different from the benchmark of micro theory, indicating that those specializing in these fields were estimated to earn about 18%, 17%, and 16% less, respectively, than those specializing in m icro theory (significant at the 10% level).
He pointed to organizing an exhibition entitled 'Iranian Mosques on the Way of Silk Road' on the sidelines of the Silk Road Conference held in Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat, adding that the head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) had made the proposal of organizing this prestigious exhibition concurrent with the 40th anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution in cooperation with ECO member states in this seminar that had been held by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
Members of the ICRO from several parts of the country were mobilised to the scene once the alarm was raised.
Establishment of Iran-Indonesia women friendship council and signing certain agreements on women`s affairs are among the other aims of the festival, the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) reported.
The opening ceremony for the first Conference of the Asian Cultural Dialogues will started at the venue of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) today.
Supt Pat Murray of Gort yesterday paid tribute to the 50 ICRO volunteers.
"The shareholders still benefit," he says, pointing out that ICRO also has an office in Eagle River.