ICROSSInternational Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering
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The work Willbond does with ICROSS Canada is the perfect example of "a soldier with a heart," said Peate.
Major-General Lewis MacKenzie is the Patron of ICROSS Canada.
Willbond called MGen MacKenzie shortly after he began ICROSS and asked him--more like told him, said MGen MacKenzie, that he was going to be involved.
With charitable donations, ICROSS was able to give them land, teach them how to grow their own food, raise cattle, and build them a place to live.
ICROSS also built their children a school and according to Willbond, over 40 children attended the school at one point.
His poems are readily available on the ICROSS website.
4s CEO and national president of ICROSS Canada, Billy has made a difference in the lives of countless children afflicted by HIV and AIDS in Africa.
They pledged to make a difference, launching ICROSS Canada shortly after their return to Saanichton, BC.
ICROSS Canada has been able to coordinate the shipment of medication and equipment.
Building on these successes, ICROSS Canada, under the stewardship of ICROSS Canada Director and former Airborne Sergeant Billy Willbond, recently embarked on another initiative: ICROSS Canada will assist home care programs by supporting the training of field workers to treat and care for the dying.
Former and current Airborne members who have donated funds to charities in the past are welcomed to visit the ICROSS website at www.
Please send your cheques - which will be receipted for tax purposes - to: ICROSS CANADA, PO Box 3, Saanichton, B.