ICROSSInternational Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering
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Of the seven study areas in which ICROSS had projects for sex workers, four areas--Bondo, Kiisi, Migori and Siaya--are provincial towns with relatively stable and settled, ethnically homogeneous populations.
The research was supported as an integral part of the self-help group programme by ICROSS Canada, ICROSS Ireland, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Mercury Trust, to whom we are very grateful.
This is the fifth year of the ICROSS auction which also includes donations from well known artists such as Pauline Bewick, Ross Eccles, Guggi and Graham Knuttel.
Literally thousands of third-world children and others have been aided by ICROSS, which had small beginnings when Billy "scrounged" (old soldiers are good at this
Caption: Thanks to the generous donations from Esprit de Corps readers and others, ICROSS Canada is able to send Izzy Dolls and much-needed supplies to African countries, (ICROSS CANADA)
SKETCHY STORY: Archer even put his prison number on the picture, which will help raise money for African charity ICROSS
His work with ICROSS Canada has changed many lives across the world.
In addition to sending medical supplies, ICROSS Canada also employs an international roster of volunteers to sew Izzy dolls, which serve the dual purpose of acting as packing material and providing comfort for children living in poverty.
Soon thereafter ICROSS Canada became a partner with this program.
The group was started in 2003, and has taken part in numerous charitable affairs, including support for ICROSS (see their advertisement on page 45 of this issue).
Mark Isfeld Memorial Chapter of CAVUNP (Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping) continues to send Izzy Dolls to peacekeeping missions thereby ensuring Mark's and Carol's legacy, through ICROSS Canada.
Billy and his wife Lynne returned to Canada and in October 1998 started ICROSS.