ICRSIntelligent Crash Response System (vehicle safety feature)
ICRSInternational Cartilage Repair Society
ICRSInternational Coral Reef Symposium
ICRSInternational Cannabinoid Research Society
ICRSIntrastromal Corneal Ring Segments
ICRSInternational Celestial Reference System
ICRSIntracorneal Ring Segments
ICRSIntegrated Care Records Service (UK National Health Service)
ICRSInstituts Canadiens de Recherche en Santé (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
ICRSIncident Case Reporting System
ICRSInternational Conference on Radiation Shielding
ICRSInter City Railway Society (UK)
ICRSImmaculate Conception Regional School
ICRSInternational Commission on Remote Sensing
ICRSInstitute for Conservation and Restoration Studies
ICRSInternational Chemical Reference Substances
ICRSIntegrated Crisis Response System
ICRSI Can't Remember Squat
ICRSIndividual Commingled Rate Survey
ICRSIntercom Remote Station
ICRSImproved Command Receiver System
ICRSInitial Claims Review System
ICRSInstitute of Comparative Regional Studies
ICRSInterregional Cytogenetic Register System
ICRSInstitute of Contemporary Russian Studies
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Eligible patients were between the ages of 18-55 years of age and had one or two symptomatic ICRS grade III chondral lesion(s) on the femoral condyle.
Sandeep Sharma, Vice President- Repairs & Refurbishment, inTarvo Technologies Limited, said "We are glad to be a part of ICRS and help in global efforts on refurbishing of electronics.
In collaboration with Ron Levy, MD, Professor of Medicine, Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute, Sequenta used the ICRS platform to monitor MRD in 11 retrospective MCL patient samples, which had been determined to be MRD negative by PET scans (six and 12 months post treatment).
In this cohort, the ICRS assay was able to perfectly predict patients' relapse.
Researchers from Sequenta and Stanford University departments of Medicine and Pathology reported used the ICRS platform to detect MRD in blood samples from patients with CLL that had been deemed negative by PCR.
and his team at Sequenta presented results showing that the ICRS platform is highly concordant with and more sensitive than standard methods.
His proven track record of successful client relationship management and consultative sales and marketing makes for a winning combination with our growing ICRS division.
I look forward leveraging my experience to help ICRS and the Keane Organization continue their growth.
ICRS provides detailed risk assessments and offers a wide range of customized programs that eliminate risks and capitalize on opportunities to increase customer transactions and revenue.