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For the coverage of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, ICRT of Cuba won that category for its submission 'in the Fraction of the Moon', while Best Commercial Spot went to Great Belize Productions Ltd for 'The Belize Bank Ltd.
The third stage would have city employees, including police officers and fire fighters, improve their English, resulting in a fourth and final phase where ordinary citizens would feel encouraged to learn and use English, Han told ICRT.
ICRT was given within 15 days of EBRT to Point A where, the total dose of 21 Gy was given in 3 fractions, single fraction of 700 cGy a week.
Esta agenda incluye tambien las prioridades del organismo rector del medio, en el caso de la radio y la television, subordinadas al ICRT. Por el grado de interrelacion que tienen la agenda politica y la de esa institucion, es posible considerarla una parte importante dentro de la agenda de fuentes.
"The ICRT program is a six-month certificate programme consisting of online lectures, webinars and workshops.
The scholarships have been granted for the Introduction to Clinical Research Training programme (ICRT).
The same year, she was chosen to serve on the International Tribunal for Rwanda (ICRT).