ICSCFInterrogating Call Session Control Function
ICSCFInternally Consistent Self-Consistent Field
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It handles all this with low latency in MDT as given in (8), where E = {UE, PCSCF, ICSCF, HSS, SCSCF} is the set of entities, x is the number of messages between two entities, and T([E.sub.i], [E.sub.j]) is delay time taken by the message between entities [E.sub.i] and [E.sub.j], where i = {1,2,3,4} and j = i + 1.
For minimizing number of commands, if we consider S = {PCSCF, ICSCF, SCSCF} is the set of IMS servers and H = {HSS} is the set of database.
PCSCFold receives request IF method == "HANDOVER" then Add IPSec SAs to T-IPSecSAs Path = discovered-PCSCF; Integrity-Protected = "yes"; Route to S-CSCF ELSEIF method == "REGISTER" route "REGISTER" to ICSCF IF status == "401" STATE Remove CK, IK ELSE STATE reply("500", "P-CSCF Error on Removing CK, IK') ENDIF ENDIF IF status == "200" then Route "OK" to UE ENDIF IF P-CSCFold != P-CSCFnew Delete IPSec SAs ENDIF 5.1.