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ICSDInternational Classification of Sleep Disorders
ICSDIthaca City School District (New York)
ICSDInternational Committee of Sports for the Deaf
ICSDInorganic Crystal Structure Database
ICSDInternational Central Securities Depository
ICSDInternational Conference on Solid Dielectrics
ICSDInternational Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries
ICSDInternational Councils of Securities Dealers
ICSDInterdepartmental Commission for Sustainable Development (Belgium)
ICSDInformation and Computing Science Division
ICSDIndependent Community School District (Des Moines, IA)
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They matched with ICSD 202231 and the PXRD pattern shown in Ruiz et al.
3] ICSD code 073446 032100 Crystal system Trigonal Orthorhombic Bravais lattice Rhombohedral Primitive Space group [D.
TABLE 1 Classifications of Insomnia for Formal Diagnoses Type/Subtype Description Primary DSM-IV-TR Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or experiencing nonrestorative sleep; duration of at least 1 month; clinically significant distress or impairment of functioning ICSD Psychophysiological Arousal * cognitive (e.
In addition, officials from three Silicon Valley districts where ICSD has been active say that although their schools benefited, they developed qualms about the group's approach.
The Sterling Institute, which shares an Oakland address with ICSD, was founded in 1978 by Arthur J.
At any moment, a man can be a `killer' or a `hero,' '' wrote Sterling, who is president and founder of the Sterling Institute and ICSD.
CRYSTMET complements the ICSD file on STN, which is an inorganic crystal structure database containing over 29,000 compounds.
ICSD contains 29,000 records for inorganic crystals from 1912 to the present, including references to journal articles in which properties were published.
The recently published Second Edition of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD) significantly expands the different diagnostic categories from the first ICSD (1997) reflecting the exponential growth in our knowledge base in this past decade.
Before leading Motorola's ICSD, Martinez was vice president and general manager of Motorola's Wireless Products Division responsible for digital cellular/PCS infrastructure, where she launched the first CDMA infrastructure system in the world and established software products as a significant source of profit.
and Head of Investment Funds Services, commented: The launch of this new data service and the enhancement of fund data services in the alternative funds segment is a further milestone of our Vestima 2020 vision to become the ICSD for Funds by bringing efficiency and safety to the global investment fund market.