ICSEAInternational Conference on Software Engineering Advances (annual conference)
ICSEAInternational Conference on Software Engineering and Applications
ICSEAImpacts Centre for Southeast Asia (Indonesia)
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ICSEA values are calculated on a scale which has a median of 1000 and a standard deviation of 100.
s), it is hypothesized that inefficiency would increase with the increase in ESL, ABOR and SPLED and would decrease with the increase in ICSEA index.
Higher ICSEA schools tend not to be located in the more rural parts of the state, so finding that students from lower ICSEA schools express greater awareness of the importance of scientific research may well reflect very obvious close ties to 'working the land'.
1) ICSEA is calculated on parental socio-educational advantage, based on school population, and is available for each school on the Australian government's My School website
Characteristics of Sample Schools School Sector Region School Indigenous % NESB % ICSEA 1 Government Metropolitan 1025 1 37 2 Government Metropolitan 1016 0 26 3 Government Metropolitan 1043 3 32 4 Government Metropolitan 986 3 14 5 Government Metropolitan 984 5 28 6 Government Metropolitan 971 3 41 7 Government Regional 1010 1 4 8 Government Rural 970 3 0 9 Government Metropolitan 947 1 73 10 Non-Government Regional 1066 1 7 11 Government Rural 942 4 5 12 Government Metropolitan 1007 0 16 13 Government Metropolitan 1000 4 3 Table 2.
Figure 1 indicates how the average test score for financial literacy of each school (vertical axis) relates to the ICSEA index (horizontal axis).
The ICSEA programme makes improved cook stoves more accessible to low income households by providing distributors access to carbon finance.
ICSEA (student) = SEA (student) + student Indigenous status + SEA (school cohort) + Percent Indigenous student enrolment + Remoteness (ACARA, 2013, p.
Participating schools were chosen from high, middle and low ICSEA bands.
Variables used to determine the ICSEA are derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and include parental occupation and education level, location of the school (rural, regional metropolitan), proportion of students with languages other than English and proportion of Indigenous students.
According to the myschool website the school comprises of families from low to mid socio-economic backgrounds with approximately 60% of students belonging to the bottom quarter and 3% to the top quarter of the ICSEA scale.