ICSGInternational Copper Study Group (intergovernmental organization; Lisbon, Portugal)
ICSGInternational Conference on Structural Genomics
ICSGIrish Centre for Social Gerontology (National University of Ireland)
ICSGInternet Communications Software Group (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
ICSGItalian Cooperative Study Group (chronic myeloid leukemia)
ICSGInterstitial Cystitis Support Group (England, UK)
ICSGInternational Centre of Social Gerontology
ICSGInternational Council of Surgical Gastroenterology
ICSGInternet Cancer Support Group
ICSGInternational Convention on the Sale of Goods (treaty)
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Besides, he had joined the boards of directors of IFSG and ICSG on November 7.
ICSG = 1/3 (Hourly Wage Proxy) * [(Travel Time) + (Game Length)] * (Games Attended).
According to Lisbon, Portugal based International Copper Study Group (ICSG) data, global production of refined copper in 2006 was close to 17.4 million metric tons, an increase of 5.4 percent compared to 2005 production.
Unlike the typically closed board room where deals are negotiated in private, the ICSG "Deal Making" sessions are open to one and all, allowing anyone to get an inside look at this often clandestine part of the business.
This initiative further strengthens the strategic alliance between the two companies and will enable HP to integrate and resell the customer contact software platform from Cisco's Internet Communications Software Group (ICSG).
Winnings will be deposited in the account, says Joseph Gallagher, a Philadelphia-based online gaming consultant for Internet Casino Sports Gaming (ICSG).
Previous comparisons between Japan and other countries were made only at the total retail system level (ICSG 1986; JEI 1987; MITI 1989a; JCCI 1989; Tajima 1984).
Consequently we have relied partly on company data, but largely on a variety of other statistical sources (both international - the Reuters Base Metals Database and the International Copper Study Group (ICSG) - and Russian: statistical data maintained by InfoGeo and the research bureau aMineral') to arrive at what we believe is a reasonably accurate estimate of the major producers' concentrate output.
If the supply and demand situation is being gauged correctly, the copper market is expected to operate in a supply deficit situation in the near term, according to recent reports from the International Copper Study Group (ICSG) and others.