ICSLInns of Court School of Law
ICSLImage Computing Systems Laboratory (University of Washington)
ICSLIntelligent Control Systems Laboratory (various universities)
ICSLInternational Company Services Limited (est. 1977)
ICSLIntegrated Computer Systems Laboratory (South Korea)
ICSLInternational Corporate Services Ltd. (Belize)
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ICSL, operting out of a modern building on the outskirts of San Antonio, employs 42 screeners full- or part-time.
Using C64x UWICL functions as building blocks, one UW ICSL programmer was quickly able to develop an image morphing application where a C64x can morph more than 100 frames per second.
The company's components include ICSL Clinical Studies, ICSL Healthcare Research and ICSL Network Management.
On September 22, 2007, ICSL announced that its Board had approved a plan of liquidation, which it anticipated implementing following receipt of distributions with respect to its claim against the Gosman Estate.
ICSL Clinical Studies' national geographic presence and multi-therapeutic experience adds breadth and depth to our clinical research presence while enhancing our post-clinical trial, evaluative, and knowledge transfer services with ICSL Healthcare Research's pharmacoeconomics expertise.
After settlement of all outstanding obligations to ICSL creditors, ICSL proposes to make a distribution to its stockholders of any remaining funds.
ICSL, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, provides services that support the needs of the pharmaceutical and managed care industries.
With ICSL Network Management's nearly 5,000 providers and 8 million covered lives, the alliance provides access to a total of 9,000 providers and 8.
Our business operating units, ICSL Clinical Studies and ICSL Network Management, have shown continued improvement in profitability for the period ended October 31, 2000, as compared with the previous quarter.
In October of 1998, Symbollon Corporation contracted with ICSL Clinical Studies to execute the Phase II trial.
ICSL Clinical Studies is organized along 4 therapeutic ventures: Central Nervous System (CNS), which includes psychiatric and neurological disorders; Medical, which includes Allergy & Asthma, Women's Health and Diabetes; Oncology; and Clinical Pharmacology (Phase I/IIa).
The total number of providers and patients within ICSL Network Management is now approximately 5,000 providers and more than 10 million patients nationwide in the areas of Chiropractic, Dermatology, Urology, Pulmonology, Podiatry, Gastroenterology, Allergy, Physical Therapy and Primary Care.