ICSOInternational Conference on Space Optics (Toulouse, France)
ICSOImperial County Sheriff's Office (California)
ICSOImperial College Symphony Orchestra (London, UK)
ICSOInternational Civil Society Organization
ICSOInternational Container Security Organization (Brussels, Belgium)
ICSOInstallation Commercial Solicitation Officer
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3) Only a small percentage of UN-affiliated NGOs that the ICSO database identifies as being linked to Millennium Development Goals or Monterrey Consensus goals will be formal participants in the ECOSOC consultative status program.
on Space Optics (ICSO 2004), 30 March--2 April 2004, Toulouse, France (ESA SP-554, June 2004).
The International Container Security Organization (ICSO) has emerged as a key group in developing container-security standards and new technologies.
The religious understanding, values, attitudes, and opinions of students were measured in a three-part survey called the Inventory of Catholic School Outcomes (ICSO).
In August 2003, the Islamic Convent of the Strict Observance (ICSO) complained to the Ministry of Education that the Lord's Prayer in the school curriculum contravened section 19 of the Constitution, which protects freedom of conscience.
Caughey's group (62, 63) also examined other, less toxic, actively transported compounds containing derivatized porphyrins and phthalocyanines, with ICso values in the range of 0.5-1 [micro]mol/L.
On molar basis, the ICso value of garcinone C against AChE was only 7.3 and 1.5 times higher than physostigmine and galanthamine respectively, while the [IC.sub.50] value of [gamma]-mangostin against BChE was only 3.0 times higher than that of physostigmine.
These relative potencies for inhibition of [Na.sup.+],[K.sup.+]-ATPase reflect the relative inhibitory potencies of the plant-derived counterparts; ouabain (0.66 [+ or -] 0.095 [micro]tmol/L) has a lower ICso than dihydroouabain-B (1.63 [+ or -] 0.12 [micro]mol/L) (25).