ICSTISIndependent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
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ICSTIS can also name and shame individuals, preventing them starting up similar services on other networks.
Officials at ICSTIS, which polices premium-rate phone numbers, issued the warning.
ICSTIS, which had received one complaint about the line, fined the company boss pounds 1,000 last week and banned the financial advice service which was also operating without proper authorisation.
ICSTIS fined the company pounds 5,000 which it said has already been paid.
As soon as we became aware of it we contacted ICSTIS, who are investigating on our behalf.
Mr Smith, who admits that his company was fined by ICSTIS once in the past, has offered refunds to anyone who writes to him.
The spokesman added that Plutus Group did not dispute the breaches of the law when quizzed by ICSTIS but did blame a third party who they claimed gave them the information to be sent out via e-mail.
In March this year the Sunday Mercury revealed that ICSTIS is to be handed new powers to deal with rogue operators.
As well as the fine, ICSTIS ruled Intacc will be barred from operating a telephone service for six months.
As far as I'm concerned, ICSTIS are trying to blackmail us and close us down.
Rob Dwight, for ICSTIS, said: 'We are investigating this particular service which appears to breach our code in a number of significant respects.
Mr Rob Dwight, spokesman for ICSTIS, said: "We welcome the move by Telecom One to refund people.