ICSTISIndependent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
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Anyone who does get such a card with the number on it is advised to get in touch with the Royal Mail Fraud unit on 0207 239 6655 or ICSTIS, the premiumrate service regulator.
April 20: Icstis reprimands ITV for overcharging X Factor viewers pounds 200,000.
They spent on average more than pounds 1 a call, making the revenue generated by callers "with no hope of winning" more than pounds 20m, Icstis said.
Opera Telecom, whose turnover tops pounds 100 million and whose owner Gary Corbett has an estimated wealth of pounds 75 million, was also ordered by Icstis to fully refund complainants, although this has been suspended for three months pending a review by the regulator of the current refunds scheme.
Icstis believe at least pounds 20million came from callers paying to enter the game who had "no hope of winning".
An Icstis spokeswoman said: 'We managed to shut a spoof postal company called PDS last January.
Icstis is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium-rate calls and services.
An ICSTIS spokeswoman said many people complained they had not realised they were signing up for regular payments.
Kate Belson, for ICSTIS, said nearly 700 complaints had been received about the activities of PDS and that the number of victims 'could be incredibly high'.
"The independent regulator is consulting to enable ICSTIS to take action against ANY rogue dialler irrespective of the phone number or call charge used," he told MPs.
In response to an increase in complaints to Icstis, the UK regulator for premium rate phone services, mobile operators in the UK have decided to tighten the rules relating to ringtone ads.
If you have been unlucky enough to fall victim to a rogue scammer, you can contact premium rate services regulator ICSTIS, which has recently been given greater powers to tackle these unscrupulous firms.