ICSVInternational Congress on Sound and Vibration
ICSVInternal Carotid Systolic Velocity (vascular medicine)
ICSVIntestinal Contents Supernatant Viscosity (digestion)
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Seed of ICSA/B 38, ICSA/B 39, ICSV 247, and ICSR 101 is maintained at ICRISAT, BP 320, Bamako, Mall.
In Nigeria, the Nationally Coordinated Sorghum Research Project (NCSRP) tested ICSV 111 in short-season variety trials across six to eight locations, where it produced grain yield of 1.
ICSV 111 is a photoinsensitive, self-pollinated cultivar that flowers in 65 to 72 d and matures in 100 to 110 d.
Seeds of ICSV 111 can be obtained upon request from ICRISAT, BP 320, Bamako, Mall, and are also stored at the Genetic Resources Division, ICRISAT Asia Center, Patancheru, AP 502 324, India.
In 1992 and 1993, ICSV 400 was tested by the NCSRP, in short-season variety trials and also as a control in hybrid trials, over six to eight locations.
In NCSRP hybrid trials, average grain yields of ICSV 400 across locations were 2.
ICSV 400 takes 65 to 72 d to flower and is photoinsensitive.
ICSV 400 is moderately susceptible to local races of anthracnose [caused by Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.