ICT2Incident Commander Type 2 (US FEMA)
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"--Manager at ICT2. "About 34% of the staff is focused on developing new products for India and India-like markets.
India and China are very important markets for us and have recorded the most growth over the last 6 months."--Manager at ICT2. "Auto1 (India) has registered a sales revenue of about 200 million euros in 2011 and is expecting to grow faster than global operations."--Manager at Auto1-Unit1.
"Over the years, the center specialized in software based solutions."--Manager at ICT2. "The center is a software development center that supports the core platform development that spans multiple business divisions, for consumption in the world market."--Manager at Auto1-Unit1.
"ICT2 Innovation center today has competence spanning the innovation chain.
"By demonstrating proof points step by step on the ladder of maturity, the trust will build up and more (work) will come to 1CT2 Innovation Center."--Manager at ICT2. The enhanced legitimacy of the R&D unit within the MNE leads to more investment from the HQ in the R&D unit.
Real Defects Escaped Percentage TESTING STATION DEFECTS ESCAPED % AOI 4.29% AXIA 8.70% AXIB 2.90% ICT1 7.25% ICT2 0
Tenders are invited for design, engineering, supply, retrofitting, testing & commissioning of numerical protection relays with iec-61850 protocol by releasing of existing static/ electromechanical protection relays for 400kv mehaboobnagar & munirabad lines and ict1 & ict2 on buyback basis at rtps.
the lecture is commissioned by digital staircase and ict2 projects in south savo countryside.