ICT4DInformation and Communication Technologies for Development
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However, the book points out that ICT4D projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America have failed to yield desired results.
On the contrary, I am aware that ICT4D activists, whether in government, academia, civil society, or even business, are usually driven by the best of intentions.
UNHCR plans to hire the Coordinator soon enough so that he/she has at least one month of overlap with the outgoing ICT4D expert who has redesigned the Programme and launched pilots around some of the Programme~s goals and activities.
org emerging," said IDRC ICT4D Director and telecentre pioneer Richard Fuchs.
The analytical and policy knowledge accumulated globally through the hundreds of ICT4D projects carried out over the last decade has started to coalesce into a body of powerful 'best practices' regarding institutions, markets, business models, and relationship among sectors (e.
This consultancy will cover research in the following areas: health systems (government, religious, and private), nutrition, gender integration, private sector engagement, ICT4D innovations, extension services, and community health outreach, and will identify barriers, good practices and lessons learned in the field.
The GK3 World ICT4D Conference will be held from the 11th to the 13th of December 2007.
The ICT4D RFP goals are to incubate creative approaches to bring computing to the massive number of people who had no prior access to technology, and to support new research projects aimed at solving the needs of rural and underserved communities.
completed at least two projects in the last two years related to assessment of ict4d projects/ e-governance projects