ICT4LTInformation and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
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The ICT4LT website, updated on a regular basis, constitutes a resourceful material for language teachers who want to understand the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in their classrooms.
The glossary not only provides a list of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related terms, but also offers explanations of topics covered ar the ICT4LT website.
ICT4LT Resource Centre offers information sections containing guidelines for getting started on the Internet, useful Web links, professional CALL and language associations, and a CALL bibliography with links to online articles and book reviews.
Indeed, the ICT4LT project description found in the Socrates database includes the following notation: "The ICT4LT project is updated on a weekly basis and continues to grow.
The ICT4LT appears to be a much visited site, as indicated by the following statistics recorded for the fall of 2003.