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Indicator of the contribution to the trade balance (ICTB).
The ICTB may be any real number; when the indicator is positive, the given country has a comparative advantage with regard to the product in question, or a disadvantage when it is negative (Ventura-Dias, 1999; Gudino, 2002).
The analysis of specialization with the index of contribution to the trade balance (ICTB) shows that, in Chile's case, all categories have comparative advantage, with the sole exception of 'mussels' in 2004 (Figure 3).
As with the RCA, the ICTB is useless for comparison or ranking purposes.
As for the ICTB it must be said that it shows (Figure 3), in line with the RCA index, the presence of comparative advantages on all products.
Comparing the conclusions mached with both indicators ICTB and RCA, it may be stated that they are identical except for grapes and category 07.