ICTDInternational Centre for Tax and Development (UK; consortium)
ICTDInformation and Communication Technologies and Development
ICTDInformation and Comunication Technology for Development
ICTDIntermediate Capacity Transit System
ICTDIntratheater Commercial Transportation Division
ICTDIndividual and Collective Training Development
ICTDIntegrated Circuit Temperature Detector (electronic temperature sensor whose current output is linearly proportional to temperature)
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In cases of encysted empyemas, where ICTD insertion was not feasible pigtail catheters (8.
2014) "Electoral Competitiveness, Political Budget Cycles and Taxation in Developing Countries", ICTD Working Paper 24, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies.
However, these necessarily politicized struggles over the implementation of the Right to Information Act (RTI) are distinct from the dominant policy consensus across corporate and state ICTD actors as they pursue "social entrepreneurship and good governance" (Baviskar 2007; Thomas 2009).
The Academy is an integrated set of materials and activities that targets current leaders in national and local governments because of their potential in becoming advocates and instruments for the region's ICTD efforts.
55) Anita Gurumurthy, Parminder Jeet Singh, and Gurumurthy Kasinathan, "TeNeT, n-Logue and the DHAN Foundation: Exploring Appropriate Ownership Models for Rural Pro-Poor ICTD initiatives" (Case Study no.
This mechanism, he said, would contribute to set up an Islamic trade exchange and achieve the target sought by the Third Extraordinary Islamic Congress (2005) to increase by 20% the rate of inter-Arab exchanges and that of trade between ICTD member countries.
The Internet is a common way to reach out to people around the world, but the organizers of ICTD 2009 didn't use it much.
He added that PITB has very effectively gathered and digitalized the data of 50,000 schools and five million farmers in the province of Punjab, which was accessible to the ICTD community for collaborating in finding solutions to the problems being faced in agriculture, poverty alleviation and rural development.
A good example from the ICTD literature is the Akshaya telecenter project in Kerala, where one of the main reasons for the financial and social sustainability of the pilot project was precisely the fact that citizens, local community representatives such as politicians, and religious leaders were invited to take ownership of the project from start (Rajalekshmi, 2007).
ICTD Working Paper 1, International Centre for Tax and Development, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton UK.
Professor Royal D Colle in his paper on "Building Leadership in the e-World", explores actions taken by The Asia and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technologies for Development (APCICT) to strengthen human resources and advocacy for ICTD in the Asia-Pacific region.
The ICTD is a research conference, which explores the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in global development.