ICTESInformation and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences
ICTESInformation and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems (conference)
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Since its establishment, Int@j has been exerting a high effort level aiming at advancing the Jordanian ICT & ICTES sector.
The industry has also promoted further inequality within cities, as the urban poor have suffered from the rising cost of living that follows developments in the wake of ICTES.
India is currently at the higher end of this value chain, and is followed by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, both of which are trying to develop their ICTES industry.
Through the session entitled MENA Ecosystem, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups, discussions will take place on the accessibility of ICT financing in the Region, the challenges that entrepreneurs and business seeking capital face, existing initiatives to promote financing of ICT and ICTES businesses, government interventions in this area, and what financing institutions, MNCs, and investors are doing to address the financing needs of ICT and ICTES in the Region.
He continued, "The MENA ICT Forum 2010 is the key event for industry leaders to come together to discuss the future of ICT and ICTES in the Region, to establish common ground and identify areas for collaboration and advancement.
Furthermore, int@j updated its members on the new ICTES Industry survey to be launched in early October 2009, the survey was designed according to the International Standard ISIC 4.