ICTGIrish Christmas Tree Growers
ICTGIntelligence Community Technology Governance (policy and technical support group; Chantilly, VA)
ICTGInformation and Communications Technology Group (SAIC)
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(OTCBB: ICTG) is a publicly traded holding company with subsidiaries in voice, broadband and other telecommunications services in North Dakota.
"Our new NVOAD membership will allow us to more effectively 'coordinate, communicate, cooperate, and collaborate' (NVOAD's 4 C's) with fellow member organizations dedicated to providing resources in support of emotional, spiritual, psychological care needs of communities impacted by disasters," said ICTG Executive Director Rev.
For recently appointed ICTG Senior Advisor for Congregations, FEMA, and VOAD Relations, Harvey Howell, greater network access to other disaster relief organizations and leaders is especially helpful.
"As always, ICTG will continue to connect faith leaders with the information and tooles they need to effectively care for communities after trauma," said Rev.
Through the generosity of individuals, families, and granting organizations, the Institute for Congregational Trauma and Growth (ICTG),a 501(c)(3) organization, provides research, education, and networking tools for ministers to address long term congregational care needs and build trauma-informed congregational ministry.
DB-suite tutors are available from the ICTG Web server, and also on the Addison-Wesley's DatabasePlace, a web portal supporting several text books in the area of databases (http://www.aw-bc.com/databaseplace/).
This research could not have been done without the support of other past and present members of ICTG. The work presented here was supported by the University of Canterbury research grants U6430 and U6532.
ICTC is listed on OTC Pink [R] under the symbol ICTG. Its website address is http://www.ictcgroup.net.
(TPNI) has acquired You Everywhere Now, Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser (jointly "ICTG").
You Everywhere Now, ICTG are a marketing technology platform solution for small to medium enterprises lead generation and customer acquisition.
ICTG is the world's first fully combined marketing and follow up automation software that uses email, SMS/text, direct to voicemail, video, and live webinars.