ICTJInternational Center for Transitional Justice
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International Center for Trasitional Justice, ICTJ.
Santiago de Chile: FLACSO, ICTJ y The International Coalition of Historic Site Museum of Conscience.
Bogota, Colombia: Centro Internacional para la Justicia Transicional ICTJ y Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad Dejusticia.
It's important for youth to share their opinions on how Canada should address the legacy of residential schools, said Valerie Waters, program coordinator for the ICTJ.
Compilacion de autos y sentencias de la Sala de Casacion Penal de la Corte Suprema de Justicia, ICTJ, ASDI, Bogota, en <http://190.
Tikar Pandan did not establish this musem by itself, rather we worked together with four other organisations: LBH Banda Aceh (Banda Aceh Legal Aide Organisation), Kontras Aceh (Commission for the 'Disappeared' and Victims of Violence, Aceh), Koalisi NGO HAM Aceh (Colalition of Human Rights NGOs in Aceh) and ICTJ (the International Centre for Transitional Justice).
The PRIDE and ICTJ report quotes one ex-combatant: "Foday Sankoh, a single individual, started a war that caused so much mayhem.
ICTJ is working on establishing a commonly held definition to guide transitional justice efforts.
ICTJ seeks holistic solutions to promote accountability and create just and peaceful societies.
The Duch verdict is an important victory for Cambodians, but some victims will be disappointed with this ruling,'' ICTJ President David Tolbert said in the statement.
34) The ICTJ point out that progress was made only when a female Deputy Prosecutor, Siri Frigaard, was appointed.