ICTJInternational Center for Transitional Justice
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At a working session held on Tuesday, between Women and Family Affairs Minister Sihem Badi and an ICTJ delegation, Mrs.
Lebanese civil society groups and international organizations, including the ICTJ, have helped to document abuses.
It is unlikely that current political leaders, some of whom are allegedly responsible for some atrocities, would establish a commission to look into their own acts," said the ICTJ.
The former ICTJ country manager for Cyprus said the group worked to marry history education with human rights, noting that "that in and of itself is a revolutionary step".
The ICTJ (2010) says that the law offers "an amnesty for all involved in the Afghan conflict, regardless of whether they merely took up arms or were responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity.
The commission's final report should remind the world that the Indonesian security forces committed massive international crimes long before the well-publicized atrocities that surrounded their retreat from East Timor in 1999,'' a release from ICTJ said.
pdf [hereinafter ICTJ Stocktaking]; see also Burke-White, supra note 4, at 68 (suggesting a need for a formal policy of proactive complementarity in the Office of the Prosecutor).
These questions will haunt us until they are answered, and that is why the ICTJ is here sparking discussion that may ultimately find out what Cypriots want to do about the past.
The decision of the ICTJ publications to focus on the subjects of vetting and gender is a sign of the growing need to understand and to apply a broad array of transitional justice mechanisms.
Criminal prosecutions alone cannot adequately address a legacy of abuses as extensive as Syria's," said Mohamed Abdel Dayem, a senior Middle East associate at ICTJ, urging dialogue on the transition process.
He also reminded of the creation, within the department, of a commission tasked with amending and reviewing some laws, to favour transitional justice, stressing, in this regard, the Ministry's will to co-operate with ICTJ.
The ICTJ is currently co-undertaking a survey to better understand the extent to which people have been victimized in the DRC.