ICTMIllinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ICTMInternational Council for Traditional Music
ICTMInternational Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics
ICTMIntegrated Corridor Traffic Management
ICTMIterative Constrained Tikhonov-Miller (algorithm)
ICTMInformation and Communication Technology in Management
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Sidorov and his colleagues at the ICTM also do not recommend refined vegetable oils like canola, corn, soybean, sunflower or safflower.
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6) For reflections on the impact of tourism--and the Sword Dance Festival, in particular--on the island's sword dances, see Goran Oreb and MiLan Oreb, "Role of Korcula's 'Festival for Knightly Dances' in the Preservation of Traditional Values," in Proceedings, 21st Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology, 2000.
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999 percent uptime," said Arakin Rakchittapoke, Infrastructure Platform Development, ICTM, AIS.
The ICTM will also discuss the development of Islamic cultural and heritage tourism, the strategic roadmap for the development and promotion of Islamic tourism, and a study on branding Muslim-friendly tourism in the global market.
The ICTM is being held in different OIC member countries in every two years.
ICTM, RILM's third sponsoring body, is planning to have a session during the conference as well.
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