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ICTPInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy)
ICTPInternational Council of Tourism Partners
ICTPInstitute Certified Training Practitioner (UK)
ICTPIndividual and Collective Training Plan
ICTPIntensified Combat Training Program
ICTPInformation Collection Transfer Processing
ICTPInformation Collection, Transfer, and Processing
ICTPInternational Congress of Tropical Pediatrics
ICTPInter-Company Transfer Price
ICTPInformation Conformance Testing Program (SNIA)
ICTPC-Telopeptide Pyridinoline Crosslinks of Type I Collagen
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The Police Act, 1861 and the Punjab Police Rules, 1934 govern the ICTP.
He added that the ICTP plans to establish offices in other countries and try to create a network of scientists in different fields such as confrontation with climate warming.
This fits in perfectly with the mission of ICTP to promote quality green tourism growth.
Keeping these in mind, the team at ICTP found it necessary to establish new centres at the ministry level to operate projects at the faculty level.
Para a mensuracao das concentracoes sericas do PINP (Procollagen PINP, Orion Dagnostica, Espoo, Finlandia), do ICTP (ICTP, Orion Dagnostica, Espoo, Finlandia) e da osteocalcina (Osteocalcina, DSL, Texas, USA), utilizaram-se testes comerciais humanos.
Concentrations of the markers IGF-I, ICTP, and PIIINP in 47 athletes measured over a 6-month period, entailing periods of training, competition, recovery, and rest, have been reported to be fairly stable; however, within-subject variability was not formally assessed (35).
Scientists at Stanford University and ICTP used extra dimensions in their attempt to solve the hierarchy problem.
National Mathematical Society of Pakistan President Dr Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi congratulated Dr Ayesha and Dr Waleed on behalf of the selection committee -- Prof Stefano Luzzatto of the mathematics section of ICTP, Trieste, Prof Jeroen Lamb of the Imperial College, London, and Prof Hasan Azad of King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.
He also said that in ICTP research studies programs "we receive 50% research students from developed countries while remaining 50 per cent come from rest of the world.
HAWAII/BRUSSELS, February 9, 2012 (WAFA) - The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced on Thursday that the Palestine Ministry of Tourism and Antiquity has become a member of this alliance of destinations, according to a press release issued by ICTP.
A mensuracao das concentracoes sericas da TT4, FT4 e ICTP foi realizada pela tecnica de radioimunoensaio (RIE) em fase solida, utilizando kit comercial (Coat-Count Total T4 e Coat-Count Free T4, DPC, Los Angeles, USA).
In the malleolar fracture group, no changes were observed in bone ALP, PICP, TRACP 5b, or PIIINP concentrations between presentation at the emergency room and time of osteosynthesis, whereas OC and ICTP increased and YKL-40 decreased significantly (P <0.