ICTRPInternational Clinical Trials Registry Platform (World Health Organization)
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Desarrollar registros nacionales que aporten los datos esenciales a un registro regional primario avalado por la ICTRP de la OMS.
La busqueda de ensayos clinicos que han sido registrados en el portal de busqueda de la ICTRP (termino clave "Colombia") identifico, para la ultima decada, que 423, y de estos, 137 estan reportados como "activos" (diciembre del 2010).
086 ensayos clinicos evaluados en ese periodo), se evidencia que la ICTRP identifico alrededor de la mitad de este numero (18).
The information submitted to the ICTRP must be in English.
The WHO's ICTRP and ICMJE have drawn up clear guidelines on these issues (4-6).
gov registry, based in the US, the ICTRP aims to promote consensus regarding international norms and standards in clinical trial registration, which includes a minimum registration dataset.
In 2006, the United Nations launched the ICTRP in an effort to establish international norms and standards, and to facilitate greater public trust in clinical trials.
The WHO has worked on the ICTRP project for the past two years by enlisting the help of representatives of governments, pharmaceutical companies, journal editors, registry owners and independent research companies.
Proponents of the ICTRP argue that registration will protect the participants and subjects in human trials because the ICTRP will provide greater disclosure of the clinical trial process.
gov and ICTRP, is now mandatory for Cochrane Collaboration members [8].
gov and ICTRP, what are the optimal search approaches and is it necessary to search both collections to maximize trial identification?
gov and the ICTRP were initially searched for the trials included in two recently updated systematic reviews from the Cochrane Injuries Group [9, 10].