ICTUIrish Congress of Trade Unions
ICTUInformation and Communications Technology Unit (various locations)
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The ICTU is also concerned about worker exploitation through global supply chains.
While neither the QNHS data nor the ICTU membership data gives any information on what fraction of union members are in employment or what fraction of those in employment are employees, the European Social Survey (ESS) asks all respondents whether they are members of a Trade Union or similar body, irrespective of their employment status.
7) In light of those facts, ICTU deems it "inappropriate" for Congress to express any opinion on Northern Ireland's political future (ICTU 1974), insisting that this is entirely a matter for democratic decision by the people of Northern Ireland.
With a mission to "help government achieve better results with Information and Computer Technology (ICT)," the ICTU was launched in 2001 by the Dutch Ministry of Economic and Internal Affairs.
ICTU carries out a European tender in four lots (each type of audit - a lot) and a parcel looking for one client.
Inspired by the courage of international trade unions that boycotted South Africa during the anti-apartheid struggle, STUC, TUC, COSATU, ICTU, CUT (Brazil) and other major union federations and dozens of individual unions are once again adopting the time-honored tactic of boycott and divestment as the most effective form of solidarity with a people under colonial and racist oppression.
The Irish Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, made a similar plea at the biennial conference of the ICTU, on 9 July in Tralee, Ireland.
ICTU secretary Tom Geraghty said the Lansdowne Road Agreement will not run until its expiry date of September 2018.
ICTU, in het bijzonder het project InternetSpiegel, voert de doorontwikkeling en hosting van de kennisbank namens het ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties uit.
John Matthews, manager of the Dundalk ICTU resource centre, said CE schemes employ 51 people, and warned the proposed cut in funding will see the budget slashed by EUR51,000 a year.
While The Irish People openly welcomes the appointment of former ICTU general secretary in the Corrib Gas project dispute, we ask today: What took the government so long?