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ICTVInternational Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
ICTVIruma Cable Television (Saitama, Japan)
ICTVIthaca College Television (est. 1958; New York)
ICTVItasca Community Television Inc. (Grand Rapids, MN)
ICTVInformation Capital Technology Ventures Inc. (Makati City, Philippines)
ICTVIndependent Community Television Alliance
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Zerbini FM, Briddon RW, Idris A, Martin DP, Moriones E, Navas-Castillo J, Rivera-Bustamante R, Roumagnac P, Varsani A, ICTV Report C (2017) ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Geminiviridae.
Segun el decimo informe del ICTV, ocho generos estan incluidos en la subfamilia Parvovirinae, a saber, Amdoparvovirus, Aveparvovirus, Bocaparvovirus, Copiparvovirus, Dependoparvovirus, Erythroparvovirus Protoparvovirus y Tetraparvovirus.
In 2007, ICTV was replaced by National Indigenous Television (NITV), and in 2012, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) was awarded A$l5 million a year in government funding to ensure NITV was broadcast free-to-air.
According to the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), a complex of more than 12 different viral species and their strains are found to be linked with TYLCD (Fauquet et al., 2008).
US-based health, wellness and beauty products seller ICTV Brands, Inc.
There is one national, state-sponsored television station (NITV), a commercial satellite licensee (Imparja), a community satellite TV network (ICTV) and three terrestrial open narrowcasting services (GTV in Broome, Ngarda TV in Roeburn and Larrakia TV in Darwin).
(ICTV), has leeway from stockholders to revitalize operations by building up authorized capital, converting shareholder advances and issuing new shares.
On other side, Ukrainian major TV channels (1+1, ICTV, STB and others) and some newspapers (like nation-wide daily Fakty) produced overwhelmingly patriotic stories about victories of Ukrainian forces in this war.
En 1966, el Congreso Internacional de Microbiologia llevado a cabo en Rusia establecio el International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses - ICTV, que desarrollo un sistema taxonomico universal para los virus (Nelson 2004).
Discussions and decisions of the 2012-2014 International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) Filoviridae Study Group, January 2012-June 2013.