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Nevertheless, when the results are compared at the lifetime horizon, a greater increase in QALYs was observed for the CYP2C9 variant group, resulting in a favorable ICUR ($95,690 per QALY) when compared to the other groups.
Because that is unlikely, the sensitivity of the ICUR is evaluated by considering the scenario where the fish intake questionnaire has only a 68% precision for assessing PUFA exposure, for which motor function at 7 and 14 years were reported to be statistically significant: -13.7 and -10.7, respectively, by Budtz-Jorgensen et al.
Finalmente, para medir el grado de urbanizacion, utilizamos el Indice de Consolidacion Urbano-Regional (ICUR) propuesto por Delgado, Larralde y Ansaldo (1999) y revisado por Galindo (2007) y Delgado, Galindo y Ricardez (2008).
Conversions were applied to the SF-36 to obtain HUI, QALYs, and ICUR (Nichol et al., 2001).
To be included in this systematic review, the articles had to meet the following criteria: (1) identified as a full economic evaluation, examined costs and their consequences, and reported incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs) or incremental cost-utility ratios (ICURs); (2) they included the bosentan intervention, regardless of monotherapy or combinations therapy; and (3) they were available in complete full-text format.
[20] showed that UC calculated from SF36 and SF12 with different algorithms produced a wide range of incremental cost/utility ratios (ICURs) that could potentially lead to different reimbursement decisions.
Abbotsford, BC: Centre for Criminal Justice Research, University College of the Fraser Valley, and International Centre for Urban Research Studies (ICURS), Simon Fraser University.