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Estimates of ICUR and incremental net benefit (INB) are obtained, with 90% confidence intervals.
The sensitivity of the deterministic ICUR for the screening intervention is presented in Table 3.
Also in Table 3, the estimated ICUR from the probabilistic sensitivity analysis using a Monte Carlo simulation is $18,209, with a 5th-percentile ICUR of $9,339 and a 95th-percentile ICUR of $56,555.
The probabilistic sensitivity analysis estimates the ICUR for the proposed screening intervention at $18,209/QALY (90% CI: $9,339/QALY, $56,555/QALY).
After performing the Tornado analysis (Figure 3), it revealed that the ICUR was more sensitive to the cost of the pharmacogenomic testing, followed by the increase in PTTR offered by the PGx.
However, when the ICUR were compared, the $127,501 per QALY estimated in this study was significantly higher than those earlier reported by Verhoef et al and Meckley et al.
One-Way Sensitivity Analysis for the Effect of Genotyping Cost on Cost/ Utility (upper panel A) and the ICUR (lower panel B), using a willingness-to-pay (WTP) of $50,000/QALY
Bleeds, Thromboembolic Events (TEs), Deaths, Costs, QALYs and Incremental Cost-Utility Ratios (ICUR).