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"There is a process that is used to qualify materials and constructions and print methods with an organization like UL," says Icuss. "The material manufacturers would have those raw materials qualified and.
"In a partnership status with a trade customer or an end user, our job is to drive productivity into that facility," Icuss says.
Launched by Icuss and partner Tony Patton in 1988, CPI welcomed David McAllister as a third partner about 15 years ago, and in the early days enjoyed heady growth of 15 to 20 percent a year.
"This requires a very high level of compliance," says Icuss. "All of the writing on it has to remain legible after the bag explodes, so it is made using a very high temperature polyester.
"We knew we needed to go to digital technology," Icuss says.
Morell Icuss, Kirk's daughter, is educated in marketing and has been out and about exploring trade shows and other potential avenues for the company to travel.
When Brian came in he raised the bar across the board for everyone, not just for suppliers but for the facility," says Icuss. "We thought, 'This guy's going to be different.' Right away we knew that he was going to understand the partnership productivity side of what we do because that was his life.