ICUTInternational Center for Urban Training
ICUTInitial COHORT Unit Training
ICUTInternet Credit Union Training (est. 1997)
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When contacted by The Birmingham Post Microsoft and BT said they would look into the claims by ICUT, which was formed in January 2005.
While ICUT institutions have been fairly effective in retaining students, we realize that the growing need and demand for college graduates will require us to reevaluate our strategies," said Carol McDonald, president of ICUT.
However, ICUT founder Dr Vincent McKee threatened to take the university to court claiming it was illegally attempting to stifle private sector competition.
ICUT administrators are elated over the number of online applications submitted so far this year -- an impressive 40% increase over the total number of applications for all of 2002.
But ICUT founder Dr Vincent McKee claims the business - which typically charges pounds 35 for a two-hour session - is a legitimate enterprise and a response to "widespread dissatisfaction with the quality of teaching and academic supervision" at universities.
On Friday, he defended a charge of defrauding Surrey mother Frances Thomson Barrow, whose account was debited PS716 in total by ICUT.
We revealed last week Dr McKee was ordered by Banbury County Court to repay mum Belinda Whiteley pounds 1000 plus legal fees, one of five county court judgments against Dr McKee's ICUT firm.
Several parents have complained that Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Dr McKee's Coventry firm ICUT (UK) Ltd - which offered private lessons to students - debited large sums over many unauthorised transactions, using their debit card numbers.
His city centre-based company ICUT (UK) Ltd, which offers out-of-hours tuition to students, is now trading under the name University and Academy Tutors (GB) UK, Dr McKee said.
And an undercover reporter who signed his fictitious son up for a course of two lessons worth pounds 60 said ICUT took pounds 203.
He has practised what he preaches by shutting his own business - educational tutoring consultancy ICUT (UK) Ltd in Coventry city centre - over the holiday.
Neighbouring business, ICUT, a tutoring agency for university and college students, is run by Dr Vincent McKee, who has also complained to BT Broadband about intermittent faults since November last year.