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ICVIntegrity Check Value (IETF Authentication Header for IPV6 and V4)
ICVIniciativa per Catalunya Verds
ICVInternational Cruise Victims (advocacy group)
ICVInfantry Carrier Vehicle
ICVIdle Control Valve (automotive)
ICVInfantry Combat Vehicle
ICVIleocecal Valve
ICVInternational Conference Volunteers (Geneva, Switzerland)
ICVInitial Calibration Verification
ICVIndependent Custody Visitor
ICVInlet Check Valve (automotive)
ICVInternational Congress of Vexillology
ICVIndice du Coût de la Vie (French: Cost of Living Index)
ICVInternational Corporate Volunteering
ICVintracellular volume
ICVInteractive Computer Vision (workshop)
ICVIndividually Constructed Vehicle (Australia)
ICVIrrigation Control Valve
ICVInternational Cognitive Visualization (degree program; various universities)
ICVInterChip Via
ICVIntracranial Vault
ICVIndividual Cell Voltage
ICVInventory Carry Value
ICVIncoming Verification
ICVInter Company Voucher
ICVIndependent Commanders Viewer
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ICV acquired OIA from the company's founder, Frank Kyle and MedCare Investment Funds, a privately held family office.
He will continue as CEO and will work with ICV to implement their aggressive growth strategy.
The ADNOC ICV strategy seeks to stimulate private sector partnerships and opportunities resulting from ADNOC's 2030 growth strategy, catalyse socio-economic development, improve knowledge transfer and create additional employment for UAE nationals.
The PDO competition covers a range of ICV areas, including Small
We have worked tirelessly to embed ICV in our own business and contractor community and are currently leading on the implementation of 43 of the 53 business opportunities identified in the ICV Blueprint Strategy document four years ago.
The purpose of current study was to investigate development and to establish normative data of ICV, PCFV and volume fraction of PCF in a homogeneous Turkish population according to age and sex by using stereological method.
Daleel' s desire to support SMEs and to enhance the ICV, has met the aspiration of Quartet Solutions in the shift from supplier to manufacturer in contribution to the ICV; through its sister company United Petroleum Industries".
The supply and maintenance of valves is the 17th opportunity to be realised by PDO since the ICV Strategy Blueprint for the Sultanate's oil and gas operators was unveiled in 2013 to boost local business participation in the nation's hydrocarbon exploration and production sector.
So far cattle, swine, sheep, goats, guinea pigs, and ferrets have been reported to be susceptible to IDV infection (1,6,8,9) and swine, dogs, and humans to ICV infections (12,13).
The ICV strategy blueprint for Oman's oil and gas operators was launched in 2013 to boost local business participation in the hydrocarbon exploration and production sector.
and funds and accounts advised by Neuberger Berman Private Equity invested alongside ICV in the transaction.
group II: STZ group, included rats with induced AD by ICV injection of STZ as mentioned earlier.