ICVAIndianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
ICVAInternational Council of Voluntary Agencies
ICVAIndependent Custody Visitors Association (unannounced police custody inspections; Colne, Lancastershire, England, UK)
ICVAIowa Commission of Veterans Affairs (Johnston, IA)
ICVAInternational Conference on Volunteer Administration
ICVAIschaemic Cerebral Vascular Accident (neurological injuries)
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ICVA, DRC, supra note 56 (examining the rollout of the cluster approach in Kinshasa in 2006).
In addition to suggesting procedures for establishing a task force, the ICVA made solid policy recommendations that could be implemented--at least in part--throughout other state jurisdictions to minimize wrongful convictions.
Se observa que, en promedio, la situacion de los hogares de acuerdo al ICVA es un poco inferior frente al ICV DNP en los dos periodos (ver Tabla 4).
Through this process our entire staff learned more about the mission and goals of ICVA and could see how their roles in the sales department related to the overall picture.
As part of its assistance, ICVA provided the phone numbers and contact names of members of its NGO Forum.
In a 1993 document, Marcos Arruda, general secretary of the ICVA, ironically made the following points: the World Bank continues to ignore the fact that "the poor" were not on the agenda of the policies carried out before 1980, and were not, therefore, a "new" issue; the debt crisis has yet to be resolved, and the South, as a consequence, has become an exporter of capital to the North; that the export-oriented growth advocated by the Bank is fragile and unsustainable; and that it is the nature of structural adjustment policies to exclude popular participation and democracy.
This is a big deal for us," says Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports Entertainment and the ICVA board member who led the national search committee that recruited Welsh.
UNHCR background paper for ICVA consultation on "Uprooted people and development," mimeo, 1989.
The committee is comprised of leadership within the SEFI and ICVA, as well as various community leadership within the state's science, education and technology industries.
com ends a three-year search for a new technology," said Rick Hughes, senior vice president of the ICVA (www.