ICVBIrving Convention and Visitors Bureau (Irving, TX)
ICVBInternational Cocoa Verification Board
ICVBIguassu Convention and Visitors Bureau
ICVBIstanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau (Turkey)
ICVBIloilo Convention and Visitors Bureau (Philippines)
ICVBInternational Convention and Visitors Bureau
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And although the ICVB primarily focuses on the cash-infusion of "transient" economic development by bringing money directly into Irving through business travelers, corporate meeting attendees, association gatherings and more, the bureau also works closely with the city's "traditional" economic development office to retain and recruit corporate residents by adding its own level of economic enticements to the process, such as room night incentives and complimentary meetings.
The ICVB provides many convention services free, including reservations, name badges, lapel pins, shopping bags, informational brochures, bulletin typewriters, press information, VCR tapes, and spouse itineraries.
A healthier corporate community translates into a healthier hospitality community, which directly translates into a healthier Irving," says ICVB executive director Maura Gast.