ICVBMIndiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine
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If you would like to learn more about participating in the AGENT 3 trial at ICVBM, contact Julie Lacy, R.
Current findings of the ICVBM group complement new guidelines urging Americans--especially diabetics and others at high risk of heart disease--to lower LDL cholesterol levels.
The ICVBM team is also interested in why certain conditions, such as alcoholism and vascular aging, arise.
an ICVBM researcher and professor of pediatrics and of biochemistry and molecular biology at Indiana University School of Medicine.
Elliot Rosen, ICVBM researcher and associate professor of medical and molecular genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine.
In ongoing animal studies, ICVBM researchers have already shown significant reduction in restenosis after implanting the nitric oxide drug-eluting stent.
A goal of the ICVBM is to provide pilot project funding for research efforts undertaken as collaborative engagements between scientists with different areas of expertise.
March and his team of 30 investigators at the ICVBM will report on their research in the areas of cutting-edge medical therapies, using advances in genomics and molecular biology, to improve the care of patients with vascular problems.
ICVBM focuses on the study and treatment of vascular diseases.
Tapping into the latest developments in genetic research and molecular biology, ICVBM is committed to being a leader in basic and applied research to develop a greater understanding of--and novel therapies for--heart and other vascular related problems.