ICVDInitiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
ICVDIntegrated Continuously Variable Drive (construction equipment)
ICVDIschemic Cerebral Vascular Disease (neurological injuries)
ICVDInstitute of Cardio Vascular Diseases
ICVDInferior Caval Vein Diameter (cardiovascular medicine)
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Using the iCVD coating process, which does not involve any liquids and can be done at low temperature, produces a very thin, uniform coating that follows the contours of the fibers and does not lead to any clogging of the pores, thus eliminating the need for the second processing stage to reopen the pores.
Subgroup analysis was used to alleviate the heterogeneity based on ethnicity (Asian and Caucasians), the type of disease (CAD, ICVD, CAA, and PAD), and source of controls (population-based and hospital-based).
In addition, there were 8 studies involving carotid atherosclerosis, 8 studies involving cerebral infarction, 6 studies involving AMI, 2 studies involving ICVD, 2 studies involving ischemic stroke (IS), and 2 studies involving PAD.
The significant association between T280M polymorphism and the susceptibility to AS was also found in the ICVD group in recessive model (P < 0.01) and additive model (P < 0.01), but not in dominant model (P > 0.01), codominant model (P > 0.01), or allelic model (P > 0.01), suggesting that the 280M allele carriers increased the risk of ICVD in homozygote state.
We performed subgroup analyses based on the ethnic (Caucasians and Asian), atherosclerotic diseases (CAD, PAD, CAA, and ICVD), and source of control (hospital-based or population-based); heterogeneity was distinctly reduced; although it was still significant, we could not point out other possible sources of heterogeneity.
In addition, we found that the 280M allele carriers increased the risk of ICVD in homozygote state.
The iCVD process is critical for providing the necessary high degree of control over the thickness of layers deposited, and enables control of the surface chemistry of the coatings.