ICVIInformal Confidential Voting Interview (sexually transmitted diseases)
ICVIInterstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
ICVIITC Global Certified VSAT Installer
ICVIIsothermal Chemical Vapor Infiltration
ICVIIntracerebroventricular Injection
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Each expert employed a 4-point scale to calculate a value on the individual content (ICVI) as well as the overall content (S-CVI).
Para isso, cada um dos 126 itens da Bateria Fatorial de Personalidade foi, separadamente, correlacionado com as medidas totais de criatividade (ICVI e ICVII), visando-se identificar possiveis conteudos relacionados entre os dois construtos.
We calculated S-CVI and I-CVI scores based on techniques developed by Lynn, Waltz, and Bausell with S-CVI and ICVI scores [greater than or equal to] 0.70 as benchmarks for content validity in this study [18].