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ICWAIndian Child Welfare Act
ICWAInstitute of Current World Affairs (Hanover, NH)
ICWAIndian Council of World Affairs
ICWAInsurance Commission of Western Australia
ICWAIndonesian Council on World Affairs (Jakarta, Indonesia)
ICWAInstitute of Cost & Works Accountants
ICWAInternational Coil Winding Association
ICWAInternational Conference on Women in Agriculture
ICWAInternational Championship Wrestling Alliance
ICWAIndian Child Welfare Amendments
ICWAInternational Championship Wrestling Association
ICWAIndex Create Work Area
ICWAIn-Class Writing Assignments
ICWAIroquois County Wildlife Area (Illinois)
ICWAIndependent Contract Work Association(s)
ICWAInner-City Wrestling Association
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A 30-hour course on the ICWA affecting the village/community children
Like the ISDEAA, the ICWA provides for the displacement of existing governing institutions--in this case state child welfare agencies and state courts--by tribal institutions.
Also unveiled were Institute of Costs and Works Accountants, India (ICWAI) programmes by ICWA president B.
While touchy Congressmen launched a broadside at the minister soon after he made his comments at the ICWA function, Tharoor has the background to speak authoritatively on India's foreign policy.
While we are pleased the court has upheld ICWA, we're very disappointed for Dusten, Veronica, and the Brown family that the court has ruled to send the case back to the South Carolina courts on a technicality.
During the visit, Parilla is expected to call on Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari and deliver a lecture at ICWA on "Cuba-LAC Relations with India.
Morrow's involvement with the ICWA prompted him to seek to measure productivity in co-operation with the Institution of Production Engineers.
The successful contractor will work with the Administrator of the various Judicial divisions such as Courts, Victim Assistance Services, Juvenile Justice, ICWA Unit, Child Support, as well as the Judicial Planning Team and Public Safety Agencies, to facilitate this planning and development process.
As regards his other activities in Delhi, I understand he will address an event which is hosted by the ICWA and FICCI on May 21," he added.
Most recently, ICWA was likened to "a bludgeon to destroy existing families.
Back then, it was accepted practice for the more ambitious students to couple the ICWA with one of the broader financial qualifications: ACCA or ISAA.