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ICWAIndian Child Welfare Act
ICWAInstitute of Current World Affairs (Hanover, NH)
ICWAIndian Council of World Affairs
ICWAInsurance Commission of Western Australia
ICWAIndonesian Council on World Affairs (Jakarta, Indonesia)
ICWAInstitute of Cost & Works Accountants
ICWAInternational Coil Winding Association
ICWAInternational Conference on Women in Agriculture
ICWAInternational Championship Wrestling Alliance
ICWAIndian Child Welfare Amendments
ICWAInternational Championship Wrestling Association
ICWAIndex Create Work Area
ICWAIn-Class Writing Assignments
ICWAIroquois County Wildlife Area (Illinois)
ICWAIndependent Contract Work Association(s)
ICWAInner-City Wrestling Association
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280: Subsection 1911(b) tribal transfer jurisdiction over ICWA custody cases was expressly approved by Congress in enacting ICWA.
Part III of this Comment describes how ICWA provisions interact with various federal and state statutes that apply to child welfare proceedings involving Alaska Native or Indian children and how these provisions affect Family Group Conferencing.
While this Article focuses largely on the traditions and values of the Inupiat, the nature of the problems associated with the ICWA and its implementation is similar in relation to other Alaska Native tribes.
We want this to be a platform for commerce students to study not only for their boards, but also, competitive exams right from CPT to ICWA.
Most remarkably, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BLA) and several state courts have declared that the ICWA overrides the "best interests of the child" test that applies to cases involving children of other races.
The couple would like to a adopt a 2-year-old Native American boy that they have fostered for over a year, but the ICWA is requiring that he live with an "unknown Indian family from New Mexico," according to the lawsuit.
West Coast South America Series, 19/4, Washington, ICWA, 1972.
The ICWA is a federal law governing adoption and foster care of American Indian and Native Alaskan Children.
Facilities to conduct exams such as ICWA and ICAI are also provided by the school, which and helps young aspirants in Muscat.
255) Because the ICWA applied by virtue of Baby Girl's "Indian" status--a status the Court has traditionally treated as political, rather than racial--even plenary consideration of Adoptive Couple would not (unlike the cases that had come before) require the Court to directly take up the conflict with its affirmative action precedents that it had long sought to avoid.
Baby Girl, the South Carolina Supreme Court had read the ICWA to deny an adoption that would have otherwise have been valid under state law on the basis of an objection by the Native American biological father, who had had no previous role in the child's life.
In her dissent, which was joined by Justices Ginsberg and Kagan, Justice Sonia Sotomayor argued that the majority opinion, steeped in an obvious disagreement with the ICWA, extends to all Indian parents who have not had continued physical custody of their biological children.