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According to the document, additional structures of ICWC were also created.
Heads of water management agencies of Central Asia - ICWC members discussed the implementation of limits and operating regimes of water reservoir cascades for the vegetation period of 2018 along the Sirdaryo and Amudaryo river basins, as well as the preparation of the program to assist the Aral Sea countries (Aral Sea Basin Program, ASBP-4).
Currently named Indian Community Centre for Individuals with Disability (ICCID), the project is the brain child of the Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC) that works under the patronage of the Indian Consulate in Dubai.
Kumar said the biggest challenge before ICWC is to ensure that students do not miss board examinations or drop out of school due to unpaid fees.
"ICWC is working with the Indian Consulate to set up special centres to facilitate applicants who must lose no time in making their applications," he added.
Instead of the present command and control style and the emphasis on nailing people, ICWC wants to promote regional (watershed management) decision-making mechanisms.
The WORC program consists of the Industrial and Community Work Centre (ICWC) situated at the western edge of the state capital, Brisbane, and nine regional camps scattered throughout the central, western and northern areas of the state.
Tajikistan is a co-founder of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea and its two commissions, the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (ICWC) and the Interstate Commission on Sustainable Development (ICSD), which provide platforms for discussing urgent transboundary water issues in the region.
He now heads the Indian Consulate Welfare Committee (ICWC).
Ahamed, organised by the Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC) in Dubai.