ICWSMInternational Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
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Ghosh, "Exploiting burstiness in reviews for review spammer detection," ICWSM, vol.
As explorations and applications by the ICWSM community become more focused on understanding mechanisms and addressing societal and individual-level problems through policy- and individual-level interventions, the importance of careful studies and causal reasoning methods is becoming more critical.
The 2017 ICWSM Science Slam was organized by David Garcia, Ingmar Weber, Aniko Hannak, and Robert West.
The workshop program included seven workshops, including Auditing Algorithms from the Outside: Methods and Implications; Digital Placemaking: Augmenting Physical Places with Contextual Social Data; Modeling and Mining Temporal Interactions; Religion on Social Media; Standards and Practices in Large-Scale Social Media Research; the ICWSM Science Slam; and Wikipedia, a Social Pedia: Research Challenges and Opportunities.
The intent of this workshop was to identify the obstacles to achieving these goals and frame constructive recommendations for the ICWSM and broader social media research community to take.
Participants recommended that ICWSM institutionally adopt a data-sharing platform and provide a guidelines document explaining best practices for data sharing, the handling of bias, and approaches to ensuring reproducible research.
This year, on the evening before the main conference started, we hosted the first ICWSM Science Slam at the Oxford Old Fire Station.
The engagement of the audience and the speakers in this first ICWSM Science Slam are a positive example of how we can create new institutions in emerging fields like computational social science.
Finally, holding smaller conferences, such as HCOMP and ICWSM in international venues would signal AAAI's commitment to the international AI community.
The ICWSM Workshop program will return in 2016 and will be held on the first day of the conference, May 26.