ICWWIntracoastal Waterway
ICWWInternational Congress of Working Women (union)
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The aim of ICWW is to therefore offer affordable international education standards for everyone, right here in Chiang Mai.
ICWW has already forged partnerships with five star hotel brands here in Chiang Mai, all of whom are ready to take on students for work experience, an invaluable opportunity right here on our doorstep.
Partnering with New Zealand's PIHMS, founded in 1995 in New Plymouth, 98% of PIHMS's students find employment after graduation through Paid Industry Placement in New Zealand, a figure, ICWW is aiming to also attain.
The mid-coast area is characterized by large natural waterways that act as corridors between adjacent bays, in addition to the ICWW. Spotted seatrout abundance in this area is homogeneous and thus no putative subpopulation boundaries were tested in this area.
Additionally, inshore waterways between adjacent bays on the northern (SL, GB) and southern (UL, LL) Texas coast consist only of the ICWW, which is of ambiguous suitability for sustaining high levels of gene flow between distant estuaries.
Several opportunistic sightings were made on Galveston Island and in the Galveston Ship Channel (GSC) in Galveston County, and near the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW) on the Clive Runnells Family Mad Island Marsh Preserve (MIMP) in Matagorda County.