ICYEInternational Cultural Youth Exchange
ICYEInter-Cultural Youth Exchange
ICYEInternational Christian Youth Exchange
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ICYE was initiated after the Second World War when the German youths were isolated from the rest of the world.
"I'm looking forward to experiencing a new country and being able to learn new skills while making a real difference to peoples' lives." Clare needs to raise nearly pounds 5,000, the majority of which will go to the charity ICYE places her with in Bolivia.
ICYE is an ethical volunteering organisation with over 50 years of experience in international volunteering.
Man Yee Wong, 25, originally from Hong Kong, is volunteering for the charity International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) in Seoul.
Code-X International has developed an EVS project, which aims to support the development of disabled youth in Nepal, in cooperation with ICYE Nepal.