ICZMIntegrated Coastal Zone Management
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Last but not least, the government should work out a way to realize the ICZM for the Nile Delta on the most fundamental levels of governmental operation.
Then, as the largest archipelagic state in the world, it is important for Indonesia to establish ICZM for sustainable mariculture development.
In framework of this research represented tow approaches to adaptation of SEA and ICZM to Ukrainian practice.
ICZM Task Force 4, Sabah Forestry, Sabah Coastal Zone Profile 1998, available at http://www.
The ICZM Protocol was approved on behalf of the European Union by a Council decision of 4 December 2008 (Decision 2009/89/EC), subject to its subsequent conclusion.
The concept of a multi-purpose reef, such as the one put forward for Borth in Ceredigion, is a prime example where ICZM could come into its own.
As a result, ASEAN nations came to use ICZM widely.
BAMS is a GIS-based decision support system developed as part of a research effort to improve existing ICZM tools and expand the results from a coastal erosion hazard assessment that was completed as part of the Post Georges Disaster Mitigation Project for St.
He believes that the deeper involvement of Egyptian universities and research institutions in developing an ICZM is needed.
This ICZM project assumes special significance in the context of climate change since one of the definitive findings of the IPCC relates to the increase in mean sea levels as a result of global warming.
The second text is a recommendation to member states to develop their own national ICZM strategies, starting with a full assessment of how the coastal zones within each country are used and managed.