ICZTICT (Informatie en Communicatietechnologie) Connectie Zorg Twente (Dutch: ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Association Care Connection Twente; Twente, Netherlands)
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Thus the ICZT operation can be carried out through one convolution and two multiplications, as shown in Figure 2.
From (27) we can see the scaling factor is equalized to be unity after ICZT operation.
The proposed EICZT approach conquered the limitation of conventional ICZT by introducing a perturbation function to deal with the range-variance of second-order range terms, which is essential in high squint cases.
As aforementioned, ICZT only takes the first order term into account, thus the phase error of ICZT algorithm [[PHI].
eICZT] ever exceeds [pi]/4, the conventional ICZT will result in significant degradation of the image quality.
In this configuration, the maximum phase error of conventional ICZT is higher above the acceptable level [pi]/4, as shown in Figure 5(b), and the phase error of EICZT remains to be approximately zero, as shown in Figure 5(a).