ID-FFIdentity Federation Framework (Liberty Alliance)
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The Liberty Interoperable program tests vendor products for true interoperability of Liberty Federation, which consists of ID-FF 1.
SLIM provides multi-protocol federated identity solution encompassing ID-FF 1.
Ping Identity's SourceID and Trustgenix IdentityBridge provide solutions that support both Liberty ID-FF and SAML protocols, and produce and consume identities.
0 deployments and integrate with the enhanced functionality of the Liberty ID-FF (Identity Federation Framework) layers.
After participating in a five-day testing event held in Tokyo earlier this month, IBM, NEC, NTT and RSA Security have demonstrated interoperability of products and solutions that incorporate Liberty Federation (Liberty ID-FF 1.
Based on ongoing global research conducted by Liberty Alliance, Liberty Federation, which consists of ID-FF 1.
0 technology package is a set of client components and a programmable smart card that supports the Liberty ID-FF 1.
0, which consolidates best-of-breed features from SAML, Liberty ID-FF and Shibboleth specifications, RSA Federated Identity Manager software enables customers to leverage the latest version of the industry's most mature identity federation standard.
0 offers a renewed focus on interoperability, since the OASIS Standard combines the previous efforts of Liberty Alliance ID-FF, SAML 1.
The HP OpenView Identity Management solutions with SAML, Liberty ID-FF and Liberty ID-WSF support underscore HP's commitment to helping customers with solutions based on open standards, interoperability and ease of integration.
These new specifications enable browser-based web SSO between security domains that use Liberty ID-FF and WS-Federation.