IDACInstitute of Development, Aging and Cancer (Japan)
IDACInformix Data Access Components
IDACInfectious Disease Association of California
IDACInfobus Data Access Component (Lotus)
IDACInstantaneous Detection and Correction (railroad wheel slippage)
IDACInternet Directory of Advisors and Consultants
IDACInterim Deployable ACCS Component
IDACInterim Digital-Analog Converter
IDACIntegrated Design & Analysis Consultants, LTD (Surrey, UK)
IDACImpeller Driven Aircraft
IDACInterconnecting Digital-Analog Converter
IDACIntegrated Detector Amplifier Combination
IDACInter-Digital Analog Converter
IDACIstituzioni di Alta Cultura (Italian: Institutions of High Culture)
IDACIndustrial Data Acquisition and Control (Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada technology company)
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Notou-se que as meninas obtiveram notas maiores em todos os aspectos do perfil comunicativo, com diferenca estatisticamente significante para o IDAC e o IDG.
The microbiological investigation of Spirulina (powder) was performed in IDAC Quality & safety according to Guiraud [13] by measurement Most Probable Numbers (MPN/g) of total conforms, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Clostridium, yeasts and molds.
A leading chemical and pathological testing lab in the Kingdom, IDAC said the implementation of this initiative will help to eliminate deaths in poultry, reduce infections and achieve the highest level of poultry production and enhance bio-security lacked in most poultry farms in the Kingdom.
We will announce the first agricultural program (Dawajin) which is aimed at raising the level of the bio-security and reduce infection in poultries in addition to mounting poultry production to the highest level possible," remarked Haitham bin Abdurrahman Al Tarif, IDAC president.
Within half a year of opening its 5 1/2 million pounds technical centre, IDAC has completed stage two of its 14 million pounds investment in its 'Aquabase' waterborne base-coat plant in Bonn.
The formation of a commercially viable IDAC requires a paradigm shift.
Pending approval from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), the joint venture will operate under the name IDAC Silliker .
Multiservice and multi-service buildings of the IDAC.