IDACIIncome Deprivation Affecting Children Index
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Providers must be available to deliver programmes City-wide, however requirements will be targeted towards schools in high priority areas as identified using the IDACI (Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index).
Social Class (Grant et al, Social class breakdown on 2011; Samad et al, 2006a; Samad practice list via postcode Income et al, 2006b; Shui et al, 2006) Deprivation Affecting Children Index IDACI (breakdown for those with newborn children) 11.
A first criterion based on the IDACI* - Teach First works in schools that have more than 50% of their pupils living in the lowest 30% of the IDACI, prioritizing those schools with higher levels of deprivation; - A second criterion based on attainment - Teach First prioritises schools with low attainment in regards to the 5+ A*-C (English & maths) GCSE measure.