IDAMIdentity and Access Management
IDAMINA Drives and Mechatronics (linear and rotary motion systems; Schaeffler Group Industrial)
IDAMIstituto Delle Arti Marziali (Italian: Institute of Martial Arts)
IDAMIntegrated Disability and Absence Management (human resources)
IDAMInstallation Depot Access Module
IDAMIntelligent Digital Asset Management
IDAMIntegrated Design and Analysis Environment for Advanced Magnetic Devices
IDAMIndexed Direct Assess Method (medical technology)
IDAMIntegrated Domestic Abuse Module (National Probation Service; UK)
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Idam Muscat, the socio-cultural organisation which organised the Indo-Oman Folk Art Festival recently, had pledged to donate part of the proceeds of the event to the organisation.
The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) has announced the launch of a new culinary experience for the people of Qatar for the holy month of Ramadan, featuring an unforgettable tea service at the MIA Cafe and a truly exceptional Iftar menu at IDAM. Both locations feature world-class menus and stunning views of the Doha skyline.
Along with IDAM's Executive Chef Damien Leroux, the restaurant's staff worked to create the exceptional and eclectic selection of juices containing local flavors, spices, fresh chamomile, rosemary and fruits, providing a new take on a tasting experience -- something IDAM has become known for since first welcoming patrons five years ago.
In reply to this farfetched story the lady says (Kavyalamkara 10.12): tvaya madarthe samupetya dattam idam yatha bhogavate sariram I I tathasya te duti krtasya sakya pratikriyanena na janmana me II For my sake, you went and offered your body to that snake.
Just as the king "becomes the rule or dominion" (rastram + bhu-), i.e., "gains kingship," so the atman like a king becomes "all this" (sarvam idam, idam sarvam, etc.).
MIA is also home to IDAM, an award-winning, Michelin-starred restaurant created by chef Alain Ducasse, which hosted Brady for a lunch featuring refined Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Arabian influence.
Idam a signale dans des declarations a SUNA que le bureau de l'OIT en Afrique a affirme que le Soudan jouera un role important pour servir la region dans les divers domaines, soulignant que la commission de l'Union Africaine a supporte la position du Soudan et que le siege du Soudan au bureau necessite la conjugaison de tous les efforts nationaux afin qu'il puisse reactiver les projets et les activites de l'organisation .
The Indo Oman Folk Art Festival is being presented by Idam Muscat, a socio-cultural organisation in association with Embassy of India and Harmony Music Centre.
As an example, we may consider his treatment of Vasubandhu's key arguments against the positing of a substantial self, of which the Sanskrit text runs as follows: katham punar idam gamyate--skandhasantana evedam atmabhidhanam vartate, nanyasminn abhidheye iti?
The culinary event's first weekend featured Japanese Iron Chef MasaharuMorimoto and IDAM's Doha-based Executive Chef Damien Leroux, showcasingtheir expertise and creativity at their restaurants at Mondrian Hoteland Museum of Islamic Art.